UiS Subsea extends sponsorship contracts with Subsea 7 and Gassco


We are happy to announce that Subsea 7 and Gassco extends their sponsorship contracts with UiS Subsea.

Subsea 7 has been a sponsor for UiS Subsea since the early beginning. Their competence and support has been cruical for the development of our ROVs and AUV.

Gassco has been an important financial sponsor for the organisation, but are now in addition taking on a  supportive role in providing master theses and data for development of autonomous subsea systems in the coming year. We look forward to the cooperation and believe that their support will position UiS Subsea and the University of Stavanger in the forefront for subsea vehicle development.

For more details on sponsorship opportunities with UiS Subsea contact Jenny Mazariano, jenny@uissubsea.no.