Newsletter May


With less than four weeks until the competition in Houston begins, the team are now looking forward to compete with their ROV, Ægir. In order to compete the team had to hand in an extensive technical report within 26th of May to the competition committee. This report describes the design, operations and features of Ægir and is a briefly explanation of the 2016 UiS Subsea ROV project. Including the specific tasks that Ægir has to do at the competition, we will be granted points from the technical documentation. If interested, click on the Dropbox-link to see the technical documentation including a company spec sheet and a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) for the 2016 UiS Subsea ROV project.


During the last month we´ve also been working with some regulation on Ægirallowing it to navigate in 6 degrees of freedom with autopilot in depth and attitude. This is a feature that will help us dramatically when performing the tasks at the competition in Houston. The team have worked hard with this feature and there is no doubt that it is something to be proud of. To learn more about this feature, see the technical documentation.

Click here to see a video of the impressive navigation in 6 degrees of freedom with autopilot.


UiS Subsea ROV, «Ægir», navigating in 6 degress of freedom

20th of June we will send sixteen students across the Atlantic ocean to compete against students from all over the world. The team are really excited and ready for what will be an experience to remember. For regularly updates we recommend our Facebook page:

Exciting times ahead!

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2016 UiS Subsea ROV