Newsletter April

Newsletter UiS Subsea ROV 2016 April


This has been a great weekend for UiS Subsea!

We´ve had our grand unveiling. The sun was shining and we could not wish for a better event. It started with presentation of this years project at the Norwegian Oil Museum, followed by unveiling the name and driving the ROV at the docks outside the museum.



We proudly present, this year’s ROV: Ægir. This name is inspired by a legend within Norse Mythology, a “Jotne” that is known as the “Master of the Seas”. Sponsors, students and family attended and were pleased with the result from our hard labor. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the members of the public who attended our unveiling!





The last couple of weeks has been hectic for the team and the ROV is almost finished! In the coming weeks, we are completing the manipulator, camera housing and permanent brackets to hold the POD in place. We also need to tune the weight distribution and sensors. The ROV is going to be slightly positive buoyant. More specific technical specifications will be given in next month’s newsletter.



Last week, we were filming for the Video Demonstration Qualification that was sent to the competition committee. Saturday evening we got their response, and we are happy to announce that we are qualified for the international MATE ROV Competition in Houston! This weekend was therefore a huge milestone and motivational booster for the team. We are really looking forward perfecting Ægir.

Only two months until the competition in Houston!

Have a great week!

Best regards,
UiS Subsea ROV 2016