Newsletter March


The last couple of weeks has been really productive with great progress. Last week we ordered a 3D-printed thruster from Simplify in Stavanger. The result was excellent and we then had the chance to do some testing of a potential thruster solution for the ROV.




Earlier this week the frame of this years ROV was welded by Martin Bae at the University of Stavanger. A huge thanks to Martin! The size of the frame has been known for quite some time, but it is relieving and motivational to see the frame in real life. The frame is specifically designed for this years MATE ROV Competition in Houston and is by far UiS Subsea´s smallest ROV. We´re pretty excited!



On Thursday 17.03 and Friday 18.03 we produced the endcaps for our pod at the university´s CNC mill. Steffen Solberg was extremely helpful as he operated the CNC mill for several hours both Thursday and Friday. The CNC made the quality of the endcaps quite spectacular and we are very pleased with the result!



Friday 18.03 we 3D-printed nine different types of propellers at the university. Then, in the end of the weekend, we will test the propellers in the university test pool. The propellers have different blade-pitches and we are excited to see which of them gives the best thrust. When we have decided which propeller we want to use, Simplify will help us with the 3D-prints. The high quality of the print is the reason why we choose Simplify for the propellers. Simplify uses another type of 3D-printing than we have access to at the university. A good surface quality gives us more steady and predictable thrust, hence the importance of a good 3D-print. Except the propellers our thrusters will be printed at the university. 
Things are really coming together for the ROV-team and we have some exciting times ahead of us. We will keep you posted!