From CAD to reality

The Power Distribution Unit for our ROV

The Power Distribution Unit for our ROV

In the three years UiS Subsea has been in existence, we’ve been steadily building a pool of collective knowledge of how subsea vehicles can be built. Part of this is how to successfully manufacture parts in the best way possible. This year we had to manufacture most parts in-house, and at times like that, it’s really great to have a fully functioning industrial 3D printer and CNC lathe.


Designing components that are machineable sounds like an easy task, but the reality is that it’s quite a challenging task. With todays 3D CAD-Software the design and dimensioning of parts are simpler, but these programs give little help with exploring the possibilities of what actually CAN be done in a simple, cost effective manner.

Finished End-cap

Finished End-cap

To be able to produce our end caps for this year pod, Steffen, Audun and Simen have invested many hours in designing the fastener for the CNC lathe that let circular caps tighten. With Steffen as CNC operator we hope that the end caps will be finished by the end of the day.


On the AUV we’ve made modifications on the frontal pod, which allows us to have a more finished and refined look. We chose to produce parts by using our 3D printer with minimum support in the print, before assembling the pieces, just like a puzzle. It’s going to be exciting to see how it works when we receive the finished parts.

At the moment the ROV team are enrout to the very first test run in the pool, just in time for Easter. These are exciting times!



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