Newsletter – February 2016

Things are starting to come together for the ROV team. Late January we attended the FFU seminar which went really well. As previously mentioned, UiS Subsea attended with a lot of members and got significant attention. We learned a great deal at the presentations held by innovators and giants in the Subsea-, oil- and gas business. At our stand we displayed the AUV and showed early stage drawings of the ROV. In the current iteration the design is more similar to the AUV. This has been changed to accommodate the strict weight- and size restrictions in this year’s competition.


Currently there is a lot of activity in both the mechanical, electrical and computer engineering areas.

Last week some of our members visited IKM Elektro to discuss possible solutions for prototype hubless thruster design. Unfortunately, there are not enough time and we will therefore use an easier solution on the ROV (still with a similar hubless propeller concept). The first intended hubless prototype will still be developed in cooperation with IKM as a side project and we hope to use it on the next year´s ROV.


We have been doing some shopping this week, we purchased an ultra clear epoxy for potting our lights, making them significantly smaller than previous years. We also bought aluminum U-profiles and billets for use on the hull and endcaps on the pod.


Many thanks to MacArtney for providing us with the connectors we picked up today. We really appreciate the support! We also bought some o-rings for the endcaps. Everything is now ready for the production of hull and the endcaps.


This year’s competition is held in Houston, Texas, at NASA Johnson Space Center´s Neutral Buoyancy Lab and we are for the first time building the ROV specifically for the competition. This means we are designing and equipping it to solve the tasks in the competition. At FFU we announced the date of the unveiling, which is April 23rd. The spirit is up and the team is working late nights to keep up to the schedule. We are optimistic about the project and have really high hopes for this year’s MATE ROV Competition. In the coming week we will purchase plane tickets and book hotel for the 15 bachelor students travelling to Houston.