Newsletter – January 2016

The 2016 ROV-team are well on their way towards the development and building of this years ROV project. The team members are a group of enthusiastic people, eager to take on the challenges ahead. Martin Evensen and Didrik Kahrs Skaale are project managers, while Hartvik Line and Simen N. Pedersen are technical supervisors for the electronics & computer sciences and mechanical engineering disciplines. This year we have a total of 15 students writing their bachelor thesis on design and development of the ROV. 8 students from the electrical engineering faculty, 5 mechanical engineering and 2 students from the faculty of computer sciences.

Last weekend the team spent on a get-away to the mountains in Sirdal. Through different activities such as BBQ-ing, eating good food, sledding, playing dodgeball and participating in several quizzes, the team got to know each other better. The team had a great time and looks forward to working with each other in the coming months.

In addition to a trip to the mountains, we presented ourselves at IAESTEs business event. At the event we met several interested students that are interested in participating in our future projects.  At the event you could see Thor from the 2015 Mate competition, aswell as our AUV, which is still being developed. This was an important part of the work we do to increase the interest amongst our fellow fellow students, aswell as engage other people in the work being done in the Subsea environment in Stavanger.

The first milestone of the year is fast approaching, specifically the FFU-seminar. At the seminar we are planning on showing the current plans for our 2016 ROV and we will also be announcing date and location for the display of the finished ROV. Visit our stand at FFU to see the drawings and have a chat with the team. UiS Subsea will be represented by a number of our team members who will be watching the lectures, talking to potential sponsors and collaborators. After the seminar we will be posting more detailed information about the specs for the 2016 ROV. Stay tuned